Pets at Home Chester, Sealand Road, Chester

Pets at Home Chester, Sealand Road, Chester

I am proud of my store and my amazing team because even on the most difficult days during the last year we have always found a reason to smile and given their all to our customers! We are only a small team but no task is too big, they have all pitched in and helped out whenever it was needed. At one point we went down to a team of 5 of us but again no task was too big, they adapted and took on the new covid routines so quickly to help keep us all safe. We even had a new team member in the shape seagull for a little while!

They have gone above and beyond delivering orders to customers who were unable to leave their homes and done it with a smile. They have put in their time to speak to our customers on the phone when they were lonely and upset about the current situation. They have taken so much abuse from people over this last year but have taken it with in their stride and come out as stronger more confident individuals.

I honestly could not thank my team enough for the support and effort they have put in this last year not just in work but also with in each others personal lives, it has been difficult at times but knowing 12 people have your back really puts your mind at rest somewhat. They should all be so proud of what they have achieved and how they have developed in this new ‘covid retail world’, we honestly couldn’t of done it without them.
They aren’t just a work team, they are my family.

2021-06-01 10:05:43

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