Lincolnshire Co-op Holbeach Pharmacy, Fleet Street, Holbeach, Spalding

Lincolnshire Co-op Holbeach Pharmacy, Fleet Street, Holbeach, Spalding

We at lincolnshire Co-op at the Holbeach pharmacy, achieved a Gold award for hitting all our targets at a 100% in the 2021/2022 year. Unfortunately 10 months ago, one of our most senior members of staff (Accuracy checking technician), had to go off ill on a long term sick term. As a branch we heavily rely on our ACT because of how busy the branch gets and with the amount of services we offer the community.

We offer services such as Flu jabs, UTI tests, Antibiotics supply for Urinary tract infections, infected bites and much more. We have offered a smoking cessation service and are due to restart it very soon. All of this requires the whole team to be involved and work hard to not only provide the community a great service but to achieve our targets in order to hold our pharmacy profession in high regard with the UK government.

Unfortunately, our ACT, passed away last week and left a memory of her absolute hard work that she put in. I feel that since she has been off, the team has put in so much work to keep her legacy and work rate going in order to keep up with the standards of a good pharmacy.

When we took over the branch to manage, the overall staff morale was very low due to the way the previous manager had managed the branch. Bringing the team to a good energy and good morale was a key task of mine and I can confidently say that we have achieved that together. Walking into work actually is a nice feeling now, which allows us to work much better a team and conquer all the tasks that has been put to us, the most important being the patient care.

This results in patients being faced with a smile, patience and a quick and efficient service. We have had a huge increase in number of patients in our pharmacy due to the service we offer and we always make sure we go above and beyond

2022-05-18 15:56:22

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