Vets4Pets Swinton, Station Road, Swinton, Manchester

Vets4Pets Swinton, Station Road, Swinton, Manchester

As a front line pet health care provider we have remained open continuously throughout the past 12 months, having to make some very significant changes to the usual way we worked pre-Covid.

Due to the strict guidelines we were limited to sick pet and emergency cases for a period of time which came with its own challenges having to communicate this with our clients who were worried about their pets, owners were not allowed in to the building having the leave their pets with us at the door no matter what the reason for their visit. Our team adapted seamlessly and communicated this to clients with complete professionalism despite the challenging responses we often received back. This sadly included euthanasia which was heart-breaking to have to implement but again the team did this with complete professionalism and empathy despite the upsetting moments.
Extra pressures were added having to take payments remotely and run medications out to clients at the back of the practice in a “drive-thru” type scenario but we rose to the challenge!

During the early stages of the pandemic we also lost 2 of our 3 Vets and one of our Client Care team members under quite stressful circumstances which resulted in additional work loads and the remaining vet/JVP having to work solely without a day off for months to keep the practice open. Half of our team had to be furloughed adding further strain but again we all rose to the challenge and cracked on with smiles on our faces!

When I am asked where I work I am always proud to say I work at Vets 4 pets Swinton!

2021-05-21 10:09:14

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