Pets at Home Weymouth, Jubilee Close, Weymouth

Pets at Home Weymouth, Jubilee Close, Weymouth

I am Proud of my Store as we look out for each other working as a team always, have have fun when working together to get the job done, if help is needed it is never too much trouble, supporting inside the workplace and outside, we are a family here and work well as a team.
we strive to work hard in helping customers with their needs we go above and beyond to help if we haven’t got a product we suggest a substitute, find it online, if not in stock contact other stores lastly suggest other retailers if we cannot source.
we enjoy helping with problems, especially enjoy the animal cuddles and kisses from the pets.
Our new store manager has really lifted spirits and pushed the team into a positive direction

2022-05-30 13:06:40

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