Pets at Home Beckton, Claps Gate Lane, London

Pets at Home Beckton, Claps Gate Lane, London

We have just gone through the most complex and biggest kylie refit which had so many delays and is still being completed now even through the original launch date was the 18th of April.
The extra work load this has caused is not something you can describe to others and the whole team has been unbelievable in dealing with this and very flexible with shifts at late notice and changing start times due to deliveries not getting in the building due to work loads.
Moving Bunny village and having to move all the animals out with no notice along with emptying the fish with 2 days notice.
While in the refit we still hit all the KPIS and was in the top 3 stores for the area even while this was going on.
And now we have this amazing Kylie store to enjoy and utilize and use to are advantage to do Subs,click and collects,Events area ect

2022-06-14 09:56:40

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