New Look, London N22 6YA

New Look, London N22 6YA

I am super proud of my store, and more importantly my team, because of the complete transformation we have had over one of the most challenging times for retail as an industry. I joined the store in October ‘20 and began setting out a framework for achieving every day and making each day count.

I am so grateful for all the hard work everybody has put in to make sure we are constantly striving to hit targets and staying on top, no matter what’s thrown at us.

Through lockdown after lockdown, everyone has stayed so proud of our store and it shows from selling the most markdown stock on the first day of reopening to our new footwear department.

We are on an upwards positive trajectory and I couldn’t be more proud of not only the work that is going on within store, but also how we are getting involved with the company, pride campaigns and community projects.

2021-06-09 12:23:27

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