New Look, King Street, South Shields

New Look, King Street, South Shields

In hindsight and in general from as long as I can remember customer is what has always been our passion.
It’s seen as a habit of pride, experience, fun, vibe, reliability , confidence.
We ensure to make sure that the above is what is demonstrated. I believe customers have great faith in this store.
Being a big name on the high street we recognise that we should not only deliver great fashion but a experience from the team in general. That’s what sets us apart from anyone.

We have built great relationships with customers. We know their wants and needs and that’s not just fashion wise.
We are on first name basis with quite alot of them.

What’s important to me and our team is that when they walk in they are at ease, excited and comfortable.
I always say you feel the energy before you enter it.

By delivering the above we have customers that come in store to be styled by the team.
A customer called Anne who comes in each season for her seasonal wardrobe which is styled by a member of the team she trusts.

We know her , style, body type etc and cater to it.

Since we launched Critizr in store Sept this store alone has generated 984 responses from the customers. Which only landed in Sept 2021. This store is small at only 1800 square foot. However the experience is big.

The numbers speak for themselves.

There is a lot of mantra/ sayings we use in store about customer and fashion

The first is….
Fashion knows no day….
The customer chooses the person before the product…. How very right this is.

There is a lot of feedback from customers that they would love our store to be recognised.
I hope so to!

To sum it up if we didn’t love what we do we or wouldn’t be a success.
It’s not only our store it’s the customers store.

Hope we here something back .

Thank you
Serena . Store Manager.

2022-04-29 11:20:29

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