New Look, Denton, Manchester

New Look, Denton, Manchester

I am proud of my store team because we are a true family together. With ages ranging from 65 to 16 across 22 individual team members, you’d think we would struggle to be able to find common ground together, however this melting pot of characters manages to banter our way through a working day, whilst also being incredibly supportive of each other.
One example of this is one of our team members lost her dad within a year, after a totally out of blue diagnosis. My guys all decided to come together and do a collection for her which included, flowers, a Man City tshirt with her Dad’s name on and a memory bear, all because she was one of ours and she needed us.
Another fab example is the year I turned 40, the entire team collaborated to surprise me with a Ladyship….something I didn’t even know was possible!! Total shock, but amazing thought gone into such a gift.
As a store team, we also collect weekly through our tills for the local charity Stockport Mind, and with this being such a good cause, and local to the team, we have increased our charity contributions by more than 60% each week. There is nobody in the team who hasn’t been touched in some way by mental health issues, and we have also arranged extra charity events throughout the year, including a Team Time Tea Time which is along the lines of a coffee morning, where we will all come together voluntarily to have a catch up, reach out to someone we might not have spoken to in a while and, of course, enjoy homemade snacks!!
The Denton team have seen many people come through our doors, and always enjoy providing a fantastic customer experience where we can, even to the animals!! Case in point, last week we had a lost dog come through our doors, and true to our family vibe in our team, two of us stayed extra to wait with our little four legged visitor so she wasn’t alone until she was collected.
These are just some examples of how we think and treat each other here, as we always say…you can end up spending more time with the people at work than your family, especially people who work full time….so why not make it a family at work! I truly love my team, and I am, exceptionally proud of each and every one of them.

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