Costa Coffee, Crookes Road, Broomhill, Sheffield

Costa Coffee, Crookes Road, Broomhill, Sheffield

So proud of my team, we’ve gone through a whole team change during a global pandemic whilst still achieving record sales weeks.
Going through the costa 50p events whilst on limited numbers and staff in store, serving over 1300 customers per 50p promotion, some staff on their first shift.
Putting their own safety at risk during peak times of the virus to ensure that customers are served and doing it with a smile.
Moving to new delivery channels to adapt to the way our customers are ordering and still ensuring all standards are met.
Having to meet Covid checks by cleaning all touchpoints at 30 minute intervalls whilst maintaing all social distancing guidelines.
Moving to dine in and increasing numbers but still on limited staff to ensure all social distancing measures are met whilst behind the servery has meant working harder than ever before and not mentioning that the air con is only just being fixed over a year later due to covid measures, working through heatwaves and cold winters.
My team are pure winners in my eyes ❤

2021-06-25 13:07:54

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