Coral Turner Couture, Telegraph Building, Harrington Way, London

Coral Turner Couture, Telegraph Building, Harrington Way, London

I am a sole trader in the world of couture fashion, however I design and make couture ready to wear garments, that are one-of-a-kind. When I was growing up I recalled a time when you would find little boutiques hidden away that would have unusual one off pieces of clothing, I loved that on knowing that my friends wouldn’t be able to turn up as my twin! It was also one of the reasons that I love to sew and design.

Years later I still held onto that concept of creating a boutique that was unusual with eclectic one off pieces, all handmade and designed by me, running alongside my bespoke garments. Thus couture ready-to-wear which you can view online and then make an appointment to come to the studio and try on the garments to make your purchase. Customers have commented how relaxing an atmosphere it is, there’s no pressure to purchase, first we have a chat over a herb tea, then they select the pieces they have seen which is always delightful as they have a tactile approach, they can appreciate the colours, cut and fit more from online to in person. Their purchases are also gift wrapped, its all 1-1, we even discuss accessories to complete and compliment the look. There have also been those occasions where they decide to go from ready-to-wear to having a garment made specifically for them, which is equally a surprise especially if they have not had that experience before. I love the whole transformation that takes place, the buzz is when a customer says to me, ‘such and such will be jealous as its the only one, and they can’t copy me, I can’t want to show them’. There’s a cheeky glint in their eyes, it’s all about them.

I was originally told that I was attempting the impossible; but here I am today, with my unusual boutique with eclectic designs made in funky colourful fabrics, recreating my childhood dream!

2022-04-27 09:03:33

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