CeX, Princes Mall, East Kilbride, Glasgow

CeX, Princes Mall, East Kilbride, Glasgow

We’re the go to store for older people. We’ve had old people coming in asking for electronic repairs that we don’t usually do, we do it for them, things like helping someone to replace a battery or find something on their phone, switch the phone on and off again, things the are simple for us but difficult for them, we are happy to help and go above and beyond.
As a team we all get on very well, we are all friends outside of work and have a great relationship.
This is community orientated and we are happy to help anyone that comes in even trouble makers and loiterers.
We are a part of trade in to help Ukraine, CEX add 10% onto the trade in value to Ukraine.

2022-06-17 10:52:57

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