Card factory, Cornwall Street, East Kilbride, Glasgow

Card factory, Cornwall Street, East Kilbride, Glasgow

In this store we have a very specific older demographics, we help older people to shop, do shopping for them, we adapt to the needs of the older customer and give them a greater deal of service, they sometimes need help having cards read out to them so that they know what they say and we are patient and willing to take the time doing that. A lot of that is helped by the small team, many of those customers know us by first name basis, everyone on the team is willing to have those longer more patient interactions with customers. We were closed during lockdown , staff stay a long time, some have 5 years or more.
We just done our loaves and fishes food bank collection over two weeks which had a great response with 4 boxes of donations, we have done food bank drives for the local community before we also do McMillan fundraisers and Mind, the mental health charity have received donations from our team staff and fundraising events.
We get a lot of return customers with disabilities, we even have non verbal customers who we go out of our way to pay attention to non verbal communication. The sales assistants are busy on the til all day but they are always willing to help these customers with additional needs and the customers know this and that is why they come to us specifically.

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