The Original Factory Shop, Market Street, Ballycastle

The Original Factory Shop, Market Street, Ballycastle

I am so proud of my team because they have overcome some hard challenges over the last 12 months, as the store has went through 3 managers in that time, it has only pulled us closer as a team.
I am the assistant manager here and over the last 2 months we have pulled this store together, beating sales from previous years and also providing the best customer service we can provide. Everyday I see atleast one of the colleagues here going over and beyond what they need to, from helping the elderly out to their cars with shopping, to running charity events for our small little town here in N.I.
We are also going to be hosting a fun day suggested by a colleague in our car park on the 4th of July which we will all be in fancy dress for.

I really do believe that our group of colleagues deserve some recognition for how hard they have worked, the hours they have put in, and their enormous hearts that they share with our community here in Ballycastle.

2022-06-18 16:45:00

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