The Original Factory Shop, London Road, Brandon

The Original Factory Shop, London Road, Brandon

I am proud of my store for many reasons. Recently colleagues had to deal with a customer who fell ill in store. All were incredibly supportive and comforting to the customer, getting the assistance she needed in good time.
We raise money for our local charity The Mark Skinner campaign that is raising money to build a park in memory of Liam who sadly passed away at only 9 years old and also rasing money for Bethany who needs special equipment. We do this through sales of our carrier bags, clubcard swipes, tombola and second hand book sales. One of our team Val also helps out regularly with the charity in her spare time in town on their market stall and during events.
Colleagues go above and beyond with customers, for example a colleague Ryan helped a lady get a furniture set home so she could have the item. Another colleague also our Manager Tracey in her spare time is delivering a balloon order free of charge for a customer who can not reach us easily. I am proud of team puts the customer first and will go out on their way if possible to please them.
Our team is a small family who encourage and support each other daily and for this I am so proud of them all.

2022-06-28 14:59:38

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