Royal Voluntary Service Café and Shop, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Royal Voluntary Service Café and Shop, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Royal Voluntary Service has been an integral part of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Wirral, for over 20 years, operating two cafes and a shop on the site. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the site’s Service Manager, Debbie Morris, asked the Trust if the charity’s service could remain open and continue to provide the much-needed service at the centre. As there are no other service providers nearby, the team felt strongly that they did not want to leave the centre’s staff and patients wanting at a time of great need.

In a matter of days, manager Debbie, Service Assistants Patricia Black and Ben Morris, along with some fantastic support from the Trust’s Services Contract Manager, we were overjoyed to be able to adjust our services to become Covid safe in order to continue to support the NHS and the community. The unit has remained open for the full duration of the pandemic and remains a valuable part of the centre to staff and patients alike.

Whilst adjusting our main outpatients’ retail unit to ensure it was Covid safe, we also thought in-depth of ways to be able to support the medical staff whilst they worked on the Covid wards. Many of the staff were not able to leave their allocated wards for up to 12 hours. A simple menu was designed to allow staff to pre-order their breakfasts and lunches to be delivered to the wards safely. It was important to us to ensure that the hardworking, remarkable NHS staff in the centre were looked after, and our principal Royal Voluntary Service Stella Values were fulfilled.

The Clatterbridge Unit still thrives to offer an invaluable service in what can only be described as a community of staff, patients and visitors, growing in strength every day .

Passion and determination were the two dominant driving traits in our mission to support this community within the Cancer Centre. I am hugely proud of my staff and my store at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Royal Voluntary Service.

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