Pets at Home Rochdale, Wallhead Road, Rochdale

Pets at Home Rochdale, Wallhead Road, Rochdale

Why are we so proud of our store?

We grab every opportunity to have fun, the whole team gets involved in everything we do. Everything we achieve is done as a team. Some see a challenging weekend we see a weekend filled with laughter, incentives and above all else amazing customer service. A happy team is a hard-working team and at Pets at home Rochdale we take every day on with as much enthusiasm as the last. We are a family and means no one gets left behind. We can honestly say we are 100% proud of our team, store and the community that shops with us.
Every single day our team live and breathe our company values. Over the past two years I’ve seen our team go from strength to strength being key workers and being open through out the pandemic it was very challenging and at times scary for the team but here we are stronger at the end of the tunnel.
The team are so so passionate about delivering the best customer experience and helping Pets at home to be the best pet care centre in the world.
We have all your pets needs under one roof with us the shopfloor, our amazing vets and our experienced groom room, with all this you don’t need to go anywhere else! We really are here for our communities pet needs.
We have solid relationships with our regular customers who choose to come back to us for our customer service.
Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to our customers.
We run free kids workshops at the weekends to educate them about pet care and they can have a cheeky cuddle with a rabbit or guinea pig. Sometimes our mascot Robbie the dog makes an appearance and the kids love him!
Within the workshop they make treats, toys and hides for our animals and get to put the in the pens! Then they leave with a box full of information, colouring sheets and stickers!
These workshops really do help our communities children become responsible pet owners when they grow up.
We help our charity partner Pennine Pen animal rescue with fundraising weekends, donations and supporting them with information on our community board in store. The work they do is amazing and we are so proud to support them.

We have our regular pets that come in to including our Diego ‘D’ who has been coming into the store for years. Unfortunately he has been recently diagnosed with cancer and is predicted at only having a month left so he has a bucket list in place and he gets extra treats and cuddles when he visits. He still has the energy to steal the odd treat from our pick and mix biscuit bar though!

As a team we aren’t afraid to get stuck in and make a fool of ourselves when it comes to incentives and charity. Being that karaoke offs, dress up days or making a music video we always aim to be the best and beat the area!

And that is why we believe Pets at home Rochdale should be Proud of our Store 2022!

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