New Look, Hannah Street, Porth

New Look, Hannah Street, Porth

I am proud of my store because:
On the 20th of March 2020, our store in Porth, which is a small town in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, like many other retailers, closed its doors as a result of the Covid pandemic. We didn’t know if we would ever open again ,due to us being at serious risk of closure for not being profitable enough.
We were lucky enough to reopen, but, footfall and sales were challenging as customers continued to choose to shop online. We had to do something to change our fate or we feared we would end up closed and losing the jobs we loved!

It was clear to us that our customers had become truly omni-channel, no longer wanting to just shop in store.

We put our heads together as a team as to what we could do to influence much needed footfall into our store, and in July 2020, we set up our own store specific Facebook page to extend our reach to the local community, to be able to show them what fantastic products we stocked in store.
We started posting pictures of outfit ideas, with staff modelling new lines that we had in on our latest delivery. This saw customers taking an interest, and they started coming into store or telephoning to enquire about the outfit that they had seen.
On occasions, we would post an item that we only had 1 of, and offered to order into store for the customers from our website. By doing this, we made sure that the sales were attributed to OUR store.
We have grown our combined social media following to almost 2000, and we now get customers waiting to see our posts daily. Some now even send us pictures of themselves in the outfits that they have purchased. It is so satisfying to see a happy customer that we’ve helped to look good and feel great!

Being a 802 square foot store ,we can’t stock as much product as we’d like, but by coupling our Order In Store service with our social media posts, we have created our own “VIRTUAL STOCKROOM” for our customers. All of my amazing team has really got behind this service, and they talk to EVERY customer about how we can order anything for free delivery. We treat our customers like friends, and they absolutely love this personal service that we offer them here in the Porth New Look store.
There aren’t many that leave without ordering an item or 2!

The drive ,passion and fight of my team to save the Porth New Look has blown everybody away and our results speak for themselves: –

We are constantly the number 1 store in the region and company for Omnichannel sales, with 7.9% of our sales coming from Order in Store vs the company average of 0.9%, and 17.7% of our sales coming from Click & Collect vs the company average of 6.9% . This is unprecedented for New Look.

This huge effort has resulted in a more profitable store, meaning that we’ve had our lease renewed securing 7 peoples jobs.
New look now remains at the heart of Porth high street serving our loyal customers and we’ve been able to stay working in the jobs we love, for the company we love , in the town we love!
This is why I am proud of my store and team, and I am grateful to them all for what they have helped me achieve.

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