Surveys, reinvented

Why would your customers take time to answer your surveys if you don't take the time to answer?

Customer feedback becomes the start of a personalized relationship. Starting a real-time conversation with your customers goes a long way in engaging your customers.


Understand your customers' experience for all key customer touchpoints

Client interactions with brands have become increasingly complex and split across multiple channels.

You need to focus on the interactions that are important to your customers.

The Critizr Survey technology will help you understand the customer experience along the customer journey.


More than 20 channels to help you understand your customers

Provide an intuitive experience

Get rid of long and boring surveys

Collect more feedback through an intuitive customer experience.

Integrate your questionnaires directly on your website.


Generate personalized conversations between your local store teams and your customers

Following a survey, ask your customers to provide feedback directly to your local stores teams in the format of an improvement, a problem, a question or a compliment.

Allowing your customers to converse directly with your local stores helps your local stores better understand their customers and areas of improvement.


The features that will increase your conversion rates

  • Branded design 🎨

    Surveys are fully integrated with your design guidelines to ensure a seamless brand experience.

  • NPS - CSAT - Stars - MCQ...

    The survey platform manages multiple types of questions while significantly improving the user experience.

  • Fully-responsive

    The user experience is optimized for mobile and tablets.

  • Multi-languages

    Over 30 languages ​​supported.

  • Conditional Questions

    Adjust the questions and path to probe and understand the drivers of a negative experience

  • Fully integrated into your website with our simple widgets

    For the ultimate experience and traffic.

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Engage your network

Use your local store teams to treat the large amount of public feedback (GMB, Tripadvisor, ...) relevant to their location.

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