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Centralize all customer feedback and reviews on a single platform

All your customers deserve the same attention, regardless of the source of their feedback.

Public reviews and your own VOC feedback are centralized on a single platform for processing by your local store teams.


Prepare for the rise of Google By Business


increase in reviews collected by GMB between 2018 and 2019.

Empower local teams to directly respond to online reviews, strenghtening digital local presence

Local store teams can view and respond to feedback collected from surveys and 3rd party review sites.

Feedback answers are automatically published on the Google My Business store pages


Create synergies between Feedback Management and Review Management

Identify your client ambassadors directly through your surveys.

Capitalize on your promoters to improve your scores local Google My Business score and E-reputation.


Additional features that your teams will love...

  • Evolution of your score

    Track the evolution of your Google My Business score.

  • Real time

    We will notify you in real time to adress all new reviews.

  • Categorization

    Better understand your reviews by categorizing them in key themes.