user_circleCreated with Sketch. Andrew is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Station Road, Milngavie, Glasgow

Fantastic atmosphere and very welcoming.
2022-08-09 11:17:50

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Richard is proud of

Tofs milngavie

I am proud of my store because of the great customer service and being part of the local community

2022-08-09 11:05:39

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Jon is proud of

Ellis Brigham – Tamworth, Riverdrive, Tamworth

There has been so much change in retail over the last two years but the one constant has been the terrific team spirit and customer service shown by my team here at Ellis Brigham, Tamworth. We have been faced with so many challenges, yet together my team has strived to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with whatever they need to enjoy the great outdoors and its benefits to people’s physical and mental health and well being. There has never been a more important time to get outside and enjoy the space and freedom it gives us all. My team have continued to share their passion for outdoor sports with our customers, listened to their needs, shared their adventures and inspired so many to try new activities. Through their dedication to delivering excellent customer service and a fantastic customer journey, they have provided people with great advice on the best equipment available to enjoy their chosen activities. From walking the dog along the canal side in Staffordshire to kitting out families for their first ski trip to the French Alps, my team have been on hand to listen, help and advise. We have such a friendly team of like-minded people here at Ellis Brigham. They work hard, support me as their manager and each other as a team and share one common goal which is to help our customers get outside, with the right equipment to enjoy all that it has to offer. Awesome staff and great customers and proud to be a part of Ellis Brigham, Tamworth!

2022-07-12 14:14:23

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Jessy is proud of

The Pantree, Readesdale Avenue, Crewe

I think these awards are brilliant and great to recognise people that work hard everyday and sometimes don’t get noticed. Our place is the friendliest of places to come and dine sit down relax and have a chat. Whether your having a good or a bad day our team make you feel welcome and special and we treat you like one of our own. I am so proud of them and the team spirit that they convey that rubs off onto our customers and makes us one big happy family. Our place is the rock of the community and has only gotten stronger over the last couple of years and this would be a fantastic way of thanking you all.

2022-06-29 20:37:03

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Tee is proud of

Burrows Store, Earle Street, Crewe

We are a small team on the outskirts of Crewe town and we are humbled with the amazing customers that we have in every day. They make each day a great one and they have helped support us throughout the last 2 years when we all struggling through covid. They did not just come into the shop to buy but they offered to run errands and to help in any way that they could to make sure we all got through these crazy and some what upsetting times. I and we as a team are very grateful for what you have done and would like to thank you with this nomination.

2022-06-29 20:36:02

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Karen is proud of

The Big Charity Shop, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I’m so proud of my team that go over and above for all the people who come to see us. We have a great team spirit and work ethic and the volunteers are brilliant. We help people on a daily basis but more importantly we have helped so many people during the covid crisis and without the members of the team both in the shop and out picking up and delivering the goods, there would most definitely be a lot more of the general public needing a lot more help to get themselves back on their feet again in this difficult times. Some of our customers just come in for a matter and a chat more than anything and feel it’s their safe place to come and say hi!

2022-06-29 20:33:40

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Natalie is proud of

Sports Direct, Earle Street, Crewe

I have a big team who work together really hard and dedicate their time on making sure every customer has the best interaction and experience as possible. As well as keeping the store today and clean and covid safe. Our team strive for the best results possible and it’s always service with a smile and nothing is too much for them to help you with what you need. Big up to the team

2022-06-29 20:33:03

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Paul Jones is proud of

Ann’s kitchen, Conway Road, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay

I am extremely proud of my team as they worknso hard. We provide great service at very economic prices.
We’re a up coming biker cafe in north Wales. And opened at the worst economic crisis , first covid then then current financial state globally
We’ve recently lost a fellow biker whom nwasba regular to our cafe and very popular memeber of our cafe. The team rallied together collecting raffle prizes from companies sending messages continuously despite bans.

Putting together a meal for a charity night to help. Raise the funds for a fallen bikers funeral. Now we’re raising funds for air ambulance .

The team are amazing and we couldn’t be with out them

2022-06-29 20:30:41

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Darren is proud of

Carpetright, Earle Street, Crewe

Our team are the best ! We have a great bunch of personalities that are a credit to watch Hagen they are with our customers helping them decide what the best carpet is for them. On a whole like the rest of the area we have struggled with lock downs but they still continue to keep spirits high and stay positive and that’s been the basis of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and getting us all to a great place again. Life isn’t perfect and how it was before but our loyal customers and team players keep the working environment on a high and have us looking forward to the next day and what it brings! Thanks team for all you do 🙂

2022-06-29 20:29:45

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Paula is proud of

Co-op Food – The Hill – Sandbach, The Hill, Sandbach

This store has only been open for a couple of years but has built up such a big and bold community that we love to be a part of. Our customers love the fact that we give back to the community with the charity work that we do and we have a fantastic customs and team spirit that makes us one of the best. It would be incredible to give back to our loyal customers and say thank you with one of these awards

2022-06-29 20:29:07

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Stacey is proud of

Co-op Food – Readesdale Avenue, Readesdale Avenue, Crewe

Having managed this store for the last few years there’s a real buzz and a great team spirit as well as many local and loyal customers that shop with us on a daily basis. It was been a pleasure and a real boost to see all these friendly and smiling faces throughout us going through such a dark time the past couple of years with Covid. The team have become such a strong unit and we look out for each other as well as giving our customers the extra support of helping with shopping and errands and also not forgetting the work we do with our local charities within the area. Our store is like a home where we all feel safe and is the heart or the area we are in.

2022-06-29 13:58:25

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Brad is proud of

Tesco Petrol Station, Vernon Way, Crewe

Want to thank the team for the charity work that they do in the local community as well as most of them working full time. Thank you for devoting both your own time and managing to get parents kids and other family members to join in the events and make them bigger year on year. These charities simply would not be able to continue to do the great work they do without your involvement in fundraising so a really big well done !!

2022-06-29 13:57:56

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Kieron is proud of

Thermmark Ltd, 2nd Avenue, Congleton

I have been a logistical part of this team now for a few months and have been welcomed into this amazing team that deliver great results and in turn, put many smiles on peoples faces. Our teams go out daily into the public sector and have to manage the everyday struggles of still dealing with being safe and diligent through the times of covid and still providing that gold standard level of service. Our team put themselves at risk everyday to get the job done and I am proud of what they do especially when going into schools etc just to see the joy on the children a faces when they can use their playground games that we have inprinted onto the grounds in the playgrounds. My team have work continuously over the past couple of years to make sure we can carry every job out without it being cancelled and for that they deserve the recognition from both in house and beyond so thank you everyone.

2022-06-29 13:57:24

user_circleCreated with Sketch. James is proud of

KFC Crewe – Grand Junction Retail Park, Earle Street, Crewe

I love being a part of this great team who work hard together to give all of our customers the best customer experience along with cracking fresh hot and tasty food. We are lucky to be in the centre of Crewe and are set with daily challenges as sometimes it can get really busy and our team adapts really well to cope with making sure we can serve our customers in the fastest possible way! I’m proud to be part of this team when we see people leave smiling and obviously when they are returning customers we know we have done our jobs well. Bravo team !!

2022-06-29 13:56:17

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Caitlin is proud of

The Body Shop, Saint Davids Centre, South, Cardiff

Were an activist collective
We fight for positive change
We are a sustainable hub
We believe in eachother
My team inspire each other and customers
There are no barriers we are all equal
It doesn’t feel like work when we sre together – joyfull collective

2022-06-29 13:55:40

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Chelsea is proud of

Tesco Extra, Vernon Way, Crewe

Worked here with a smashing team. We have been together through thick and thin and we have all been a huge support for one another and our customers throughout the whole of the covid time. It was difficult to begin with with so many changes and rules and then the masks but the team developed new skills to help them overcome barriers and communication issues when it was difficult to hear our customers. It has for sure made us stronger and we continue to use these strong skills on a daily basis which in turn allow our customers to feel safe when they come to shop. We even have customer buying us gifts as thank yous for the support they had from us when we all went through such a tough time. I could not think of a better team that deserve some proper recognition from outside the Tesco world and really thank them for the jobs they complete and love doing day in and day out.

2022-06-29 13:55:14

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Lee is proud of

River Island, Crewe

I am proud of our AMAZING team because in light of recent challenges retail has faced into our team continues to lead the way in delivering excellent customer service and driving excellent store standards to look the best when it comes to fashion retail. We continuously receive great customer feedback on how well the customers shopping experience is given and how engaging and personable the team in RI Crewe are.

2022-06-29 13:54:45

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Marie is proud of

Co-op Food – Elworth, Middlewich Road, Sandbach

Firstly I would like to thank our customers for their continued support through the last few years especially during covid. They have been truly amazing having to adhere to ever changing restrictions and controls as well as many of them shopping for the vulnerable,I take my hat off to them ! And then to my team… they are a cracking bunch and work hard every single day to give our customers a memorable experience as well as making sure the store is top notch for them to shop in. My team should be really proud of themselves and I couldnt do it without you all.

2022-06-29 13:53:52

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Karen is proud of

New Look, Hannah Street, Porth

I am proud of my store because:
On the 20th of March 2020, our store in Porth, which is a small town in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, like many other retailers, closed its doors as a result of the Covid pandemic. We didn’t know if we would ever open again ,due to us being at serious risk of closure for not being profitable enough.
We were lucky enough to reopen, but, footfall and sales were challenging as customers continued to choose to shop online. We had to do something to change our fate or we feared we would end up closed and losing the jobs we loved!

It was clear to us that our customers had become truly omni-channel, no longer wanting to just shop in store.

We put our heads together as a team as to what we could do to influence much needed footfall into our store, and in July 2020, we set up our own store specific Facebook page to extend our reach to the local community, to be able to show them what fantastic products we stocked in store.
We started posting pictures of outfit ideas, with staff modelling new lines that we had in on our latest delivery. This saw customers taking an interest, and they started coming into store or telephoning to enquire about the outfit that they had seen.
On occasions, we would post an item that we only had 1 of, and offered to order into store for the customers from our website. By doing this, we made sure that the sales were attributed to OUR store.
We have grown our combined social media following to almost 2000, and we now get customers waiting to see our posts daily. Some now even send us pictures of themselves in the outfits that they have purchased. It is so satisfying to see a happy customer that we’ve helped to look good and feel great!

Being a 802 square foot store ,we can’t stock as much product as we’d like, but by coupling our Order In Store service with our social media posts, we have created our own “VIRTUAL STOCKROOM” for our customers. All of my amazing team has really got behind this service, and they talk to EVERY customer about how we can order anything for free delivery. We treat our customers like friends, and they absolutely love this personal service that we offer them here in the Porth New Look store.
There aren’t many that leave without ordering an item or 2!

The drive ,passion and fight of my team to save the Porth New Look has blown everybody away and our results speak for themselves: –

We are constantly the number 1 store in the region and company for Omnichannel sales, with 7.9% of our sales coming from Order in Store vs the company average of 0.9%, and 17.7% of our sales coming from Click & Collect vs the company average of 6.9% . This is unprecedented for New Look.

This huge effort has resulted in a more profitable store, meaning that we’ve had our lease renewed securing 7 peoples jobs.
New look now remains at the heart of Porth high street serving our loyal customers and we’ve been able to stay working in the jobs we love, for the company we love , in the town we love!
This is why I am proud of my store and team, and I am grateful to them all for what they have helped me achieve.

2022-06-28 21:46:52

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Chelsea is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, London Road, Brandon

I am proud of my store for many reasons. Recently colleagues had to deal with a customer who fell ill in store. All were incredibly supportive and comforting to the customer, getting the assistance she needed in good time.
We raise money for our local charity The Mark Skinner campaign that is raising money to build a park in memory of Liam who sadly passed away at only 9 years old and also rasing money for Bethany who needs special equipment. We do this through sales of our carrier bags, clubcard swipes, tombola and second hand book sales. One of our team Val also helps out regularly with the charity in her spare time in town on their market stall and during events.
Colleagues go above and beyond with customers, for example a colleague Ryan helped a lady get a furniture set home so she could have the item. Another colleague also our Manager Tracey in her spare time is delivering a balloon order free of charge for a customer who can not reach us easily. I am proud of team puts the customer first and will go out on their way if possible to please them.
Our team is a small family who encourage and support each other daily and for this I am so proud of them all.

2022-06-28 14:59:38

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Jennifer is proud of

Pets at Home Burscough, Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk

I am so proud of us Burscough Bandicoots within Pets at Home! We all have our ups and downs but no matter what you know someone will always be there for you day or night. For each other as well as our pets in store. A true team and a privilege to be apart of. Pets will always come first and we strive to help, improve and work with our customers to make a better life for their furry babies. I love our team, the old and the new!

2022-06-27 17:15:28

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sean is proud of

Cineworld Cinema Stoke-on-Trent, Quadrant Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I love the team that I work with and we work well together! Every shift I look forward to and no 2 days are the same. The customers are like a breath of fresh air and I get excited to be able to talk and communicate with them to give them the best experience possible before they go to watch their favourite movies. Without a great company like Cineworld I wouldnt be able to do it so thank you again !!

2022-06-27 17:14:11

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sam is proud of

Nando’s Stoke – Intu Potteries, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I would like to recognise my team for all of their efforts throughout the last couple of years when times are certainly been everything but normal. Covid destroyed many lives and disrupted other but our team were strong and bonds were formed both on a work and personal level. The team go out of their way to make sure each and everyone of them is ok and this in turn runs off onto the customers that we are very thankful of for keeping the custom and business going. These awards would be the perfect way of saying a big thank you to you all. You should be and continue to be very proud of yourselves as much as I am proud of you all.

2022-06-27 17:13:46

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Charlie is proud of

Cineworld Cinema Stoke-on-Trent, Quadrant Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I would like to thank Cineworld Stoke for helping me get back into the working world after such a crazy couple of years through Covid. It has allowed me to become independent again as well as making some great new work colleagues whilst I attend uni. It’s an amazing team to be a part of.

2022-06-27 17:13:20

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Anne is proud of

Nando’s Stoke – Intu Potteries, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Very proud of the whole team here at the Nando’s in Stoke Intu, who opened and closed the restaurant twice throughout the course of the pandemic. Everyone dealt with a lot of new challenges along the way, such as taking on delivery, new technology to manage the new customer journey, and working extremely hard under low staffing, whilst being busier than ever.

2022-06-27 15:44:35

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Tom is proud of

JD Sports, Potteries Way, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I am proud of my staff, as they have worked hard through tough times, have g to wear masks throughout the pandemic and also sanitising and cleaning work stations to protect themselves and the customers.

2022-06-27 15:36:11

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Nazli is proud of

KFC Stoke on Trent – Festival Heights, Greyhound Way, Festival Heights, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

I am proud of my team for getting where they have got today. There hard work and determination to become a great store is next to non. We are one big family and I am proud to be part and manage this team and organisation.

2022-06-27 15:35:31

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Bethany is proud of

Pets at Home Burscough, Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk

No matter what we are all faced with, we pull together and make it work. Couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team I’m in.

2022-06-27 10:49:15

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Gurjeevan is proud of

Fareshare Midlands, Mount Street, Nechells, Birmingham

I am proud of my store and our amazing team because we are a charity dealing with poverty, environment and dealing with local charities in the community. We are a national operation dealing with COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis. We are very lucky to give leftover food from big supermarket chains like for e.g Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ALDI to make hundreds and thousands of meals to those charities who need it urgently.

2022-06-27 10:48:46

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Christine is proud of

Pets at Home Burscough, Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk

I am proud as we all class one another as a close family n pride ourselves in the best customer service we can. We even have a lot of customers travelling further to come to our store rather than their closest store because they love the service they receive from us.

2022-06-27 10:47:49

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Clare is proud of

New Look, High Street, Bangor

I am proud of my store because we are one❤
The team are amazing. We are a family who look out for each other, support each other in work and out. There is always someone to talk to or listen to you. This has a huge impact on mental health😍 I believe because of this we have such a happy, fun store to work in. We have our regulars who come in weekly to shop , chat and new customer’s who we want to make sure have a great shopping experience with us 🥰 Nothing is to much trouble and we will help anyway we can. We get great feedback about the service and the store and we will be here for many years to come.

2022-06-27 10:47:24

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Leah is proud of

Pets at Home Burscough, Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk

I am proud of my store because of the impact it has on customers and their lives, the team spirit is through the roof and we always support eachother no matter what. We are environmentally friendly by offering to recycle customers old packages of pet food

2022-06-27 10:46:26

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Jennifer is proud of

Pets at Home Burscough, Tollgate Road, Burscough, Ormskirk

I am so proud of us Burscough Bandicoots within Pets at Home! We all have our ups and downs but no matter what you know someone will always be there, day or night. For each other as well as our pets in store. A true team and a privilege to be apart of. Pets will always come first and we strive to help, improve and work with our customers to make a better life for their furry babies! I love our team members, the old and the new

2022-06-27 10:46:05

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Clare is proud of

New Look, Regent Street, Swindon

As a team our focus has been to make the shopping experience easy for all of our customers and to really hear what they are saying by giving us direct feedback via the Critizr survey. The team have encouraged customers to have their say and I am proud of how they have embraced this.

We love to hear that customers are delighted with the service but equally we love to know what product ranges they would like to see more of and how we can meet their needs better. This feedback is shared in our daily team meetings meaning we can react quickly.

2022-06-23 12:39:15

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Jean-Paul is proud of

Westfield London Guest Services, Ariel Way, London

I am extremely proud of our center and our teams on a daily basis because of the huge and varied support they provide to each other and the business to continuously show improvement and increase satisfaction on the customer journey. Westfield London prides itself on taking onboard constructive feedback and actioning it. Our guest services team and reception team do their very best to reply and action on all information that is returned to us as we really want to keep the center busy, keep it safe and friendly and help all the retailers under one roof to ensure our economy gets back on track. So yes I am very proud of the teams involved who actively take on the responsibility of this task and we have such an amazing collection of humans working here that I am positively confident that we will make it a success. And the brilliant thing about Critizr is that I am able to recognize team members for their hard work and dedication, all positive name comments and recovery champions are recognised for EOM or spotlight awards and treats. We love it.

2022-06-23 12:32:48

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Alex is proud of

Ellis Brigham – Braehead, King’s Inch Road, Braehead, Renfrew

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports are a family owned and operated business that started out in 1933.

Our staff members are passionate about being in the hills and love chatting through the features and benefits of the products that are available in our stores.

We live, breathe, outdoors and look forward to you visiting our Braehead Store soon.

2022-06-22 23:58:57

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Roxana is proud of

New Look, Deerpark Close, Deerpark Retail Park, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

I am so proud of my store and my team because on the last few month we’ve been through many hard times regarding the changes that impacted us after the covid period BUT we became much stronger and united.

Now we are enjoying every day being together at work, helping each other to achieve the best results of ourselves every day! I can see clearly my team helping each other in many tasks every day! And more than that make every customer visit to our store an experience!

We driving the donation for our Charity partner every day in our store even if we are a smaller store in Ireland we are on 2nd place in the coutry!

I am so proud being part of this beautiful team and helping the store to BLOOM 😍

2022-06-22 23:57:35

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Karen is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Glebe Street, Great Harwood, Blackburn

I am so proud of our store because we have partnered up with Sense to both raise money for them as our Charity Partner and also because we are collection drop off point. This means all of our lovely customers can drop off donations here in Great Harwood and the lovely guys from Sense come once a week to collect all of the donations and take them to their Accrington store.

As part of our recent fund raising during the Jubilee weekend we held a bake sale and Tombola in store and our lovely supervisor Gill and her daughter Annabelle dressed up in inflatable dinosaur costumes and joined the local Charter Fair Parade through then town dressed in the costumes giving out free union jack flags to local children.

2022-06-22 09:57:30

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Fiona is proud of

Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists – Galashiels, Galashiels

Proud of my Store – Galashiels

Specsavers Galashiels has been a pillar of the Border’s market town community for 20 years, providing exemplary healthcare to locals in the surrounding area.

During the pandemic, the team pulled out all the stops to keep connected to the community and provide exceptional service to the most affected.

From an optician conducting emergency triage through a window, to another conducting an emergency glasses repair using their car heater for a customer with a high prescription, there has been an incredible amount of creative thinking from the team to keep their customers healthy.

Keeping in communication with other team members was also crucial to keep everyone going and maintain the camaraderie that we have created in store, and initiatives such as letters with seeds were sent out and zoom quizzes and games were organised.

Giving back to the community is also high on the team’s agenda and fundraising for local charities such as Down Syndrome Scotland, Guide Dogs, and the Samaritans.

We are lucky to have such an enthusiastic and engaged team at Specsavers Galashiels, who are excited to take on new challenges such as learning and development opportunities and this, along with the points noted above, makes me #ProudofmyStore.

2022-06-21 09:25:57

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Helen is proud of

The Original Factory Shop (Co-op Ripley), Derby Road, Ripley

I am proud of my store because although we a a small team we are a great team. We all work hard and are dedicated to your store, our customers The Original Factory Shop family. We recently reopened in the local Co-op after closing a store in Ripley and it has been so heartwarming hearing lots of customers saying how glad there are that we are back, how much they missed us and how much they love our store. We treat all customers with respect and go above and beyond to make sure they have a great experience in our store and they keep coming back. Our customers love our banter and we’re always up for a chat and a giggle. We are also very focused on being an integral part of our local community and often donate to local schools, charities, teams and events. We have set up a charity book sale with all proceeds going to our chosen charity, Ripley Hospital League of Friends which has been so well received and we also encourage local craft businesses to thrive be inviting them in store to show case their beautiful handmade items. This has been a delight to be involved in and has made our roles within the team and community even more rewarding.

2022-06-20 13:14:37

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Michelle is proud of

The Original Factory Shop (Normanton), High Street, Normanton

I am proud of my store to of managed to come back onto the highstreet after our unexpected closure in 2019. Just 3 years later and we are back with majority of the original colleagues back! All of my colleagues work so hard daily to make the store look tidy, full and clean. Im so happy to have them back here with me

2022-06-18 16:45:50

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Bobby is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Market Street, Ballycastle

I am so proud of my team because they have overcome some hard challenges over the last 12 months, as the store has went through 3 managers in that time, it has only pulled us closer as a team.
I am the assistant manager here and over the last 2 months we have pulled this store together, beating sales from previous years and also providing the best customer service we can provide. Everyday I see atleast one of the colleagues here going over and beyond what they need to, from helping the elderly out to their cars with shopping, to running charity events for our small little town here in N.I.
We are also going to be hosting a fun day suggested by a colleague in our car park on the 4th of July which we will all be in fancy dress for.

I really do believe that our group of colleagues deserve some recognition for how hard they have worked, the hours they have put in, and their enormous hearts that they share with our community here in Ballycastle.

2022-06-18 16:45:00

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Tanita is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Market Place, Thorne, Doncaster

I am proud of our store and other workers within the team.

2022-06-17 22:00:51

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Kerry is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Market Place, Thorne, Doncaster

I am proud to work in my store we strive to give excellent customer service to all employees and customers.
Our team have gone above and beyond to keep our customers safe through the pandemic and as risen to any challenge in a professional manner even thou at times it’s been very challenging.
We do a lot in store for our local charity and help out in our community where ever possible,we have helped schools ,shops and give local businesses an opportunity to set a stall up in our store free off charge nothing is ever too much trouble for our amazing team.
We have fun while providing excellent customer service at all times.

2022-06-17 22:00:19

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Grace is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Market Place, Staveley, Chesterfield

I am proud of my store and amazing team because we are ensentially a family!
We all band together and give 110% in everything that we do!
We are currently supporting Derbyshire Community Hub charity with our food bank drop off point and pick up bags. We also have regular raffles were staff try to out do each other selling the most tickets.
We also take the time to help other local charities or people in need throughout the year.
Recently the store raised £200 on a single raffle to help gain extra swimming lessons for a local school in memory of Logan Foldger who sadly passed away.
We as a store have rallied the independent businesses of Staveley to be apart of Fiver fest which is happening from the 2nd July to the 16th.
“If every adult in Staveley spent £5 in independent stores it would equate to 3.6m into the local economy”
The assistant manger in her spare is also organising a market during this period to help drive footfall back into the town once more to benefit all the town.
We not only strive to be the best team for our store and company but also for our community aswell!

2022-06-17 16:19:56

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Yvonne is proud of

River Island, Centre West, East Kilbride, Glasgow

We have regular customers who come into our store because our staff are so friendly and attentive and they receive one to one attention. We see the same faces each week. We have got to know our customers to the point that they are like friends we know them personally. We are on a first name basis with many staff.
One Staff was very shy when she started and has increase in confidence and have been taken under the wing of management, her family have come in to comment on how much she is thriving and how much she has developed personally as well as professionally.
We work with river islands own charities for local fundraisers.

2022-06-17 16:05:54

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Alison is proud of

The original Factory shop Whitchurch

We have an amazing team of ladies who are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers in store. We work as a team to provide outstanding customer service across all departments within the store. We raise money for charity through a variety of ways- raffles, home made Jewellery, and the family favourites at Christmas – reindeer food for Santa and elf goody bags. We always celebrate birthdays and special occasions as a team. We value each other and love our work. As a Manager, I am really proud of our team and our store.

2022-06-17 16:04:47

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Liam is proud of

hmv, Centre West, East Kilbride, Glasgow

During the holiday period customers bring us gifts, sweets as a thank you for the time we spend helping them assisting them to get what they need to find, we go above and beyond to help our customers we need to be patient at times to go out of our way to meet the needs to challenging customers.
As a team we went through stress together when the company went into administration but we just stuck together kept morale high as possible and we were all able to celebrate together when the company got bought over and we kept our jobs. Most of the team have been here 5- 7 years. We are a well oiled machine.

2022-06-17 16:03:28

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Stuart is proud of

Peacocks East Kilbride, East Kilbride, Glasgow

I am proud of my store and team as we have bounce back after covid/administration and have worked as we rebuild our store up. The staff have done brilliant during this period and faced up to the challenge.

2022-06-17 16:00:26

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Maisie is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, George Street, Lutterworth

Our team here are incredibly dedicated and always ready to lend a hand. I am the assistant store manager and I am so proud of the team I have here who really are ready to get involved with the local community (many live local) and have grown our store into one that is right for the town. We have set up a community book end and have kindly had many donations for our local chosen charity – The Lutterworth Community First Responders.
Everybody is greeted with a smile and our team know our locals by name and have plenty of conversations with them whilst they shop with us. My colleagues will always go out of their way and have gone the extra mile so many times it’s hard to keep track! From offering up their own time to deliver furniture to local shoppers and creating shopping experiences that suit everybody’s needs. We have a lady named Emma who shops with us who is blind and I always have volunteers to help escort her around – you can always hear whoever takes her round chatting away and laughing.
Throughout the pandemic each team member has gone above and beyond in my eyes with just how dedicated they are to our customers and the store. No matter what they have had going on in their personal life they just crack on, communicate with us and give our store a lovely atmosphere to be in.

2022-06-17 15:05:45

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Geraint is proud of

Jack Jones, Almondvale South, Livingston

Our store was founded in 1990 with the aim of creating affordableu denim for all, while maintaining the quality one would expect from high end designer jeans. Our store in Livingston has made a massive difference to the populace in bringing affordable and stylish clothing.
We’ve become so popular that we were able to afford to expand, move to a bigger unit and, thus, bring a larger selection of exciting designs to entice and delight the public. We have a stellar team lead by an incredible manager who has the skills to make all of us WANT to work here, creating a friendly enough atmosphere that we’re happy with each other to the extent that we can round off staff meetings with a trip to the local Spoons!

2022-06-17 13:59:44

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Hazel is proud of

The Body Shop, Centre West, East Kilbride, Glasgow

We have a perfect miss of talent and personality we all bring a different tune but it always sounds nice. All of the staff are multi skilled, tech advice from the younger team members for example. Proud of the results the store gets in challening times. We have customer comments section and our feedback receives the highest feedback in the region thanks to the experience my team give the customers. Always consistent no matter who is working in the store.
We have customers who have grown with us from day 1 we create such a good experience that they come back to us and tell us they come back to us specifically.
We do a lot of charity fundraising and we have set up our own period poverty initiative. We have put on events for several local charities including girl guides, reach north Lanarkshire autism charity, With Kids Glasgow I was given the task of organising the fundraiser with our region, we refurbished a garden and raised over 5000£ we did a bake sale and charity cycle, we have done so much over the years.
Parent teacher events both in store and out of store.
Singing Santa for ‘street collect’ homeless charity, we collected over 150 pairs of socks and pants and raised money and donated hampers.
We have several customers come in very regularly and join in with whatever we do. I’ve been with the bodyshop 36 years, we have over 100 years of experience between us all. We have clientele who genuinely would not go anywhere else because they want to see us and they don’t want us to close. Many of our customers are friends and we have gone through births, graduations, weddings, bereavements. We love our community. I’m so lucky to have the team I have and we are PROUD to be in East Kilbride.

2022-06-17 13:59:14

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Katie is proud of

Shakaholic Livingston

I am proud of my store cause we work hard as a team together to make the best shakes in town!

2022-06-17 13:58:21

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Taylor is proud of

The Perfume Shop East Kilbride, Olympia Court, East Kilbride, Glasgow

We are a very small team and we know each other very well and have become friends.
Perfume is a very personalised shopping experience, we had a customer this week who was buying her wedding perfume and it was so nice to be involved in that experience.
I am a team leader and look forward to advncing within the company, management in this store are like gurus guiding us. There are personal and professional development opportunity and i’m looking forward to going to a team event next week and learning sales tips and receiving lovely goodies. There are courses and opportunities , I love my job.
Wide variety of customers coming in with their special occasions and gift giving. Every day is different and we have customers who come for regular.
We are involved with plant a tree charity and a tree is planted for every Mugler bottle brought back and we award customers with 10% off their next purchase for recycling.
The team go through specialist certified training and awards which is great for morale.

2022-06-17 13:57:51

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Ryan is proud of

Nando’s East Kilbride, Cornwall Street, East Kilbride, Glasgow

Proud of the charity work we do, food bank, McMillan, Nando’s support the staff throughout covid, staff were paid full salary throughout covid. There are regular customers who people have good relationships with good banter, the pts from the gyms come in and there’s a good team environment we are all friends it’s a good place to work we spend time together outside of work.
Food bank collection point, staff bring food, we donate Nando’s food, customers can donate too.
A lot of staff who have been here since opening, happy to be back after covid and be back with regular customers as well as each other as a family/team.
We always have everyone commending the service and specific staff members.
Manager always gives staff praise for the good work they.

2022-06-17 11:56:03

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Liam is proud of

Costa Coffee, East Kilbride, Glasgow

Costa Foundation is Costas chosen charity and our store always get involved. This year the team took part in Kiltwalk which is a walking marathon and on another occasion climbed Ben Nevis for Costa Foundation. We have a great team and are all friends and love working together. Our store is also a part of Too Good to Go initiative for food waste and poverty.

2022-06-17 11:55:39

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sarah is proud of

CeX, Princes Mall, East Kilbride, Glasgow

We’re the go to store for older people. We’ve had old people coming in asking for electronic repairs that we don’t usually do, we do it for them, things like helping someone to replace a battery or find something on their phone, switch the phone on and off again, things the are simple for us but difficult for them, we are happy to help and go above and beyond.
As a team we all get on very well, we are all friends outside of work and have a great relationship.
This is community orientated and we are happy to help anyone that comes in even trouble makers and loiterers.
We are a part of trade in to help Ukraine, CEX add 10% onto the trade in value to Ukraine.

2022-06-17 10:52:57

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Ali is proud of

Three, The Elements, Almondvale South, Livingston

I am proud of my store and my team because we all work together and in doing so, we all have a great relationship in and out with work. I am also proud of my store because of how we all push each other in order to get sales, by assisting each other whenever we can!

2022-06-17 10:51:51

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sharon is proud of

Savers Health & Beauty, Princes Mall, East Kilbride, Glasgow

All staff even exempt came to work. We were open during lockdown and retained all staff the entire time. It was quieter than usual but we were key workers a lot of the older customers coming in weren’t seeing their families we were the only faces they might have seen that week. We have customer who come in crutches so a young staff do his shopping with him holding basket. Old customers who we are like family and friends to.
Young staff between 20 and 30 who show real care.
Staff join this store young & stay and progress in their
Get involved with fundraisers for Marie Curie.
A caring team looked after by a mother hen store manager.

2022-06-17 10:51:13

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Bryce is proud of

Three, High Street, Falkirk

We all work well together and make sure that everyone is included and part of the best team in the company. We all take care of each and support each other so that we succeed every month. Best team!

2022-06-17 10:50:37

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Hassan otsmane is proud of

TopCrew Barber, Shudehill, Manchester

Survived covid

2022-06-17 10:50:08

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Thomas is proud of

Card factory, Cornwall Street, East Kilbride, Glasgow

In this store we have a very specific older demographics, we help older people to shop, do shopping for them, we adapt to the needs of the older customer and give them a greater deal of service, they sometimes need help having cards read out to them so that they know what they say and we are patient and willing to take the time doing that. A lot of that is helped by the small team, many of those customers know us by first name basis, everyone on the team is willing to have those longer more patient interactions with customers. We were closed during lockdown , staff stay a long time, some have 5 years or more.
We just done our loaves and fishes food bank collection over two weeks which had a great response with 4 boxes of donations, we have done food bank drives for the local community before we also do McMillan fundraisers and Mind, the mental health charity have received donations from our team staff and fundraising events.
We get a lot of return customers with disabilities, we even have non verbal customers who we go out of our way to pay attention to non verbal communication. The sales assistants are busy on the til all day but they are always willing to help these customers with additional needs and the customers know this and that is why they come to us specifically.

2022-06-17 10:49:02

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Alannah is proud of

Home Bargains, East Kilbride, Glasgow

The team are very customer focused willing to help in any way they can carrying shopping to taxi ranks or going to get trollies from outside for elderly people, and vulnerable. Managers welcome and encourage this behavior but the staff do it out of the kindness of their heart. Most customers are elderly so we are always on hand.
High pressure busy store with a lot of work but customers are priority over deadlines and targets.

2022-06-17 10:48:32

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Carly is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, London Road, Harleston

I am proud of my amazing team and my store. We are in the heart of the community its is wonderful to see my team interacting with the customers and always going that extra mile to help and inspire our customers. In everything we do in store we do for our customers we want to inspire and create a enjoyable experience. We also raise money for our local primary school and also collect for the local food bank. But most we have fun in every thing we do.

2022-06-17 09:36:08

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Padstow Store ( Store Manager ) is proud of

FatFace, Duke Street, Padstow

I am proud of our store and my team because they always go above and beyond helping both each other and customers alike. Whether that be sourcing products we don’t stock in store, making time to get out and socialise after work and supporting each other through busy trading or keeping morale and the workload high.

2022-06-17 09:35:43

user_circleCreated with Sketch. John is proud of

Impossible – Manchester, Peter Street, Manchester

Team is amazing all pull together for busy weekends

2022-06-17 09:34:48

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Shaukat is proud of

Mirage News, Cross Street, Manchester

Proud that managed to overcome the difficulties that covid imposed manchester being quiet low footfall

2022-06-17 09:34:05

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Ben is proud of

Pong & Puck, Deansgate, Manchester

Team pull together every day

2022-06-17 09:33:17

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Tyler is proud of

Lions Den Manchester, Deansgate, Mews, Manchester

During covid staff were out of the world tripled staff to accommodate for government changes

2022-06-17 09:32:51

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Lynn agnew is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, Drakemyre, Dalry

I am proud of my store and my amazing team for the hard work and dedication to all the community and charity work that we do instore team is flexible and hard working and really get behind any community event’s..they are always coming up with amazing ideas to bring the community together as one big family

2022-06-17 09:31:45

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Clare is proud of

Johnsons The Cleaners, 24 High Street, Manchester

The staff all work their socks off, busy location, enjoy the customers and the team and enjoy coming to work because it is a proud and fun environment

2022-06-15 13:28:38

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Shima is proud of

Nu-era studio, Manchester

We made it all happen all from a very small idea to getting everything our selves and financially supporting ourselves through covid

2022-06-15 13:26:27

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Alexandre is proud of

Michaels Coffee House, Exchange Street, Manchester

We do drinks that no one else serves and proud to be independent

2022-06-15 13:24:43

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sharon is proud of

Perrywood Garden Centre, Tiptree, Inworth, Colchester

We pride ourselves on giving the best customer experience, from advice and products to service and inspiration. We are helping to educate customers on environmental issues and are supporting local businesses and charities as much as we can. It is a family run business and the team are made to feel welcomed and important through training, support and social activities.

2022-06-15 11:05:49

user_circleCreated with Sketch. susan is proud of

Three Store Letterkenny, Gortlee, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

I am proud of my store as we are not just staff we are family and our customers feel like that too, we help in anyway posable with each other and customers.

2022-06-15 09:30:40

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sarah is proud of

The Original Factory Shop, High Street, Bridgnorth

I am so proud of our store we are such a fantastic team and all help each other we all pull together and work hard to make sure our store is fab we love all our customers and always there to help anytime proud to be part of the team and especially the store x

2022-06-14 15:42:07

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Atish is proud of

Toolstation Chingford, Cabinet Way, London

I am proud of my store and my team, as we have all. stuck together and kept each other going as a team, especially during the hard times and challenges we are facing. We have kept up with store standards and kept the store running. We also beat our previous compliance score by an extra 50%. All staff members always give brilliant service at all times and push to upsell products. We will carry on as not only one big team but as a working family including customers. The team is always looking to make improvements where there are flaws and make working life easier. Well done team Chingford keep going.

2022-06-14 13:24:11

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sharon is proud of

Runway fashion

I am worked solely hard online through covid and we run a gym upstairs that has also suffers it’s a 2 way business
Covid hit us hard
Support form locals has been amazing

2022-06-14 12:46:13

user_circleCreated with Sketch. laura is proud of

Pets at Home Llantrisant, Talbot Green, Pontyclun

We provide the best customer care possible and go above and beyond to help all pets and parents in need. We are proud to make a difference to our community also with our charity efforts.

2022-06-14 11:03:23

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Mellah is proud of

Carrefour Ivry Sur Seine, Rue Westermeyer, Ivry-sur-Seine, France

I am proud of my store because my staff get up everyday to satisfy our customers.

2022-06-14 10:13:06

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Scott is proud of

FatFace, Broad Street, Lyme Regis

I am proud of our shop and my amazing team because since arriving in store a year ago we have gone from strength to strength . The store was low on moral , Low on takings and needed a merchandising refresh throughout the store . We achieved everything we set out to do last year . We hit our money target , we won a few company incentives , we had a lot of positive store visits and we also more importantly that all made as have confidence , made as grow as people and made us bond as a team which has set us up well for the new year . One achievement that stands out was our annual beach clean for world ocean day . We went as a team to clean our local beach ( Lyme Regis ) to raise awareness for pollution and sea life . Fatface has a strong connection to Marine Conservation and we always like to raise awareness to keep the beaches clean and safe .

2022-06-14 10:04:32

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Dean is proud of

Pets at Home Beckton, Claps Gate Lane, London

We have just gone through the most complex and biggest kylie refit which had so many delays and is still being completed now even through the original launch date was the 18th of April.
The extra work load this has caused is not something you can describe to others and the whole team has been unbelievable in dealing with this and very flexible with shifts at late notice and changing start times due to deliveries not getting in the building due to work loads.
Moving Bunny village and having to move all the animals out with no notice along with emptying the fish with 2 days notice.
While in the refit we still hit all the KPIS and was in the top 3 stores for the area even while this was going on.
And now we have this amazing Kylie store to enjoy and utilize and use to are advantage to do Subs,click and collects,Events area ect

2022-06-14 09:56:40

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Julie is proud of

J J Art, Gyle Avenue, Edinburgh

I am proud to be part of the company. We are growing as a business and bringing in new staff and new products. It’s an exciting time.

2022-06-14 09:26:56

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Linda is proud of

Morrisons, South Gyle Broadway, Gyle, Edinburgh

I’m proud to work in this store with such a nice team. I’ve not worked here very long and the team have been very welcoming. This is a big stores and I’m proud to be in a customer facing role where I can help and serve people.

2022-06-14 09:21:15

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Kirstie is proud of

Pets at Home Cardiff, Ferry Road, Cardiff

I am proud of my store and amazing team for being resilient during all the problems we encountered last year, with no internet for 16 weeks and not letting it faze them with still offering amazing customer service . I have a brand new team from scratch after COVID and I am so proud of the team I have today , with completing all training and being the heart of the shop working the values and behaviors everyday.

2022-06-14 09:19:47

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Su is proud of

Three Store Letterkenny, Gortlee, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland

I am proud of my store because all the staff are great and work well together, nothing is a bother, staff and customers are always happy

2022-06-14 09:19:04

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Samantha is proud of

FatFace, West Wharf, Mevagissey, Saint Austell

We are within the heart of the beautiful fishing village of Mevagissey. Mevagissey has a very strong community and my team are all part of this. We are warm and welcoming, our customer experience is second to none from the moment our customers enter the store to when they leave. My team are friendly and kind and treat every customer as their friends. They are incredibly proud and knowledgeable of the Fatface product, brand and values. Fatface collaborates with Marine Conservation every year to raise awareness of this fabulous cause. Fatface also supports the Prince’s Trust and Shelter and raise money by doing charity events in and out of store. Walking, sleeping out, and fundraising. Fatface is all about sustainable and ethical clothing which will stand the test of time.

As a company to work for, they are supportive and are always on hand for every member of staff to help them grow and gain in either Head Office or within the store. They offer great incentives that are achievable, they also understand that not every store trades the same with the same type of customer, which gives each store that feeling of uniqueness. I could go on and on about how fantastic Fatface are as a company to work for. I am proud of the company I work for, the product that we sell and above all my wonderful team in this gorgeous store in this beautiful village.

2022-06-14 09:16:03

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Angela is proud of

Claire’s, Gyle Avenue, Edinburgh

I am proud of our little team. Everyone is hard working and kind. I’m proud of how well everyone works together. It has been a lovely store to work in.

2022-06-14 09:13:27

user_circleCreated with Sketch. JD sports is proud of

JD Sports, Edinburgh

Having worked for the company for many years Im proud of the team I have working along side me. We are all team players and focus on giving great customer service.

2022-06-14 09:12:57

user_circleCreated with Sketch. christiaens is proud of

Carrefour market OPWIJK, Nieuwstraat, Opwijk, Belgium

very proud of our motivated staff!

supertrots op ons gemotiveerd personeel!

2022-06-14 09:12:21

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Annie is proud of

Vision Express Opticians at Tesco – Corstorphine Meadow, Meadow Place Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

I’m proud of our hard working team.

2022-06-14 09:08:33

user_circleCreated with Sketch. ross is proud of

Pets at Home Cwmbran, Cwmbran Drive, Cwmbran

because my team deliver week in week out
through covid and tough times with family loss etc my team have covered each other and maintained the highest standards around
they have pulled together and smashed the figures so we are up the top of everything

2022-06-14 09:07:44

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Specsavers is proud of

Specsavers Opticians Edinburgh – Gyle Centre, The Gyle Centre, Edinburgh

This is an amazing store and we are proud to be part of the great team. We all love helping our lovely customers and take great pleasure from being able to help.

2022-06-14 09:07:17

user_circleCreated with Sketch. New Look Bullring is proud of

New Look, Birmingham

I am proud of my store team for consistently demonstrating a We are one team spirit. It’s been a challenging time coming out of the pandemic and the customers confidence to come back into a large environment as been slow and inconsistent with many external factors also impacting. However the team continue to drive vibe and atmosphere , support each other and go above and beyond , demonstrating passion , resilience and commitment to not only the Brand but retail and wanting to give the best possible service to our customers on a daily basis. Taking pride in delivering a great customer experience to all that visit our store . They all contribute to the success of the store and recognise and value each other . #so proud #ThatNewLookFeeling ❤️

2022-06-14 09:06:00

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Chopstix is proud of

Chopstix – Edinburgh Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh

I’m proud of this amazing team. We work fast and hard. We have to be organised and work as a strong team.

2022-06-13 16:06:41

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Giacomo is proud of

The North Face – Covent Garden, Southampton Street, London

We have an amazing selection of the best The North Face has to offer with an in store experience that bring tourists from all over the world. Let’s explore more!

2022-06-13 16:05:13

user_circleCreated with Sketch. Sarah is proud of

Card Factory, Gyle Avenue, South Gyle, Edinburgh

I’m proud of how hard the team work. We can get busy at times especially Christmas and weekends. Everyone works hard to keep the shelves stocked and the customers served.

2022-06-09 21:18:48