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Connecting your establishments to their customers

Faced with an increasing amount of choices and channels, your customers expect better experiences. They want the experience to be timely, relevant, satisfying and even delightful. And who is better placed to delight your customers than the people who deliver these experiences in person every day?

Digital conversations

Digital conversations

Direct conversations between your local teams and their customers

With an interface as easy to use as a messaging platform, your local staff can interact with their customers to create proximity and boost loyalty.
We offer feedback, questions and suggestions mechanisms to help even the shyest customers start the dialogue.

Our platform helps you accelerate the transition to a company-wide CX culture by connecting your local store teams directly with your customers.


Real-time, actionable feedback for your front-line staff

Real-time and actionable feedback from your own customers, regardless of the channel they use be it your website, a kiosque in-store, your mobile app, or even Google.
Our platform structures this feedback and makes it available immediately to your store teams via an intuitive UI. They can then take the actions that matter rapidly.

Actionable information
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Insights and visibility across the network

Our platform offers sophisticated, yet accessible, tools for HQ and local teams to get insights.
Retail, CX and Marketing executives get real-time insights and visibility on the customer experience across their network.
Local teams benefit from an intuitive and action-focused interface with customer insights at their fingertips.


Be present wherever your customers expect you to be

Your customers are connected. They try to contact your via your website, Facebook, Google, … You should be there for them. Your teams can respond to customer comments on your web properties and on key 3rd party sites.
Critizr Connect enables you to increase brand reputation online with increased ratings on your website, Google and more.
You boost share of voice of your brand with customer conversations and feedback responses.

Presence management

Why choose Critizr


Enable your local staff to engage with their customers on all the channels that matter, no matter if it’s about feedback, questions, compliments, or simple conversations.

Critizr offers a multi-channel, single interface hub that captures insights at every stage of the customer journey – in-store, online, on mobile and through third-party sites such as Google.


Customer experience progress is a company-wide objective. Critizr enables your business to take actions that make the difference at every level.

While senior management gets insights to plan for the long term, staff in the field can quickly and efficiently take action – doing what it takes to solve problems, win back shoppers, drive loyalty and revenue.


pts average increase in NPS score across our clients

Local CX champions

True customer-centricity can’t happen only from the top down; it has to be anchored in the daily life of local managers and staff.

Critizr bridges the gap between headquarter teams and front-line staff. This results in a staff that feels empowered, a personalised customer experience, a humanised brand, and swift resolutions of issues.


Our team of CX experts, alongside our proven methodology for a light and simple deployment, enables you to quickly see the benefits: an optimised customer experience, stronger customer relationships, higher rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty, an improved e-reputation and ultimately, increased revenues.


adoption rate by store managers immediately after launch

Over 70,000 Business owners use Critizr

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Over 70,000 business owners use Critizr