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In 2021, 2,449 supermarkets using Critizr achieved:

Average 2021 performance for all supermarkets using Critizr

+6.4 points

Increase in NPS through in improving customer service.


Retention rate of dissatisfied grocery customers


Response rate to messages

– 2days

Local response time to customer messages

Nearly 1,300 Carrefour store managers interact with shoppers on a daily basis to ‘go the extra mile’ and regain their loyalty. 

By successfully involving their in-store employees, Carrefour brings a human response to the customer feedback they collect to truly demonstrate they care about their local shoppers and the local communities they serve.

« At Carrefour, we are all at the service of the Customer. The comments of our customers and their interactions are real diamonds: they are thousands of tips to improve our service and make our Customers happier. »

Young female shopkeeper helping elderly lady in zero waste store.

Grocery brands see 11% increase in revenue through harnessing a closer connection with their communities 

Through finding real and relevant roles within their own local communities, enriching the lives of staff, customers and suppliers in the process, european grocers now realise that digital conversations held between store managers and customers are intrinsically linked to loyalty and their brands in a way that can dramatically affect NPS.

« Critizr is a day-to-day management tool for store managers to improve the customer experience by keeping the customer top of mind. »

Responding to 5 to 10 customer reviews per week drives customer experience improvements across multiple mystery shopper touchpoints for Monoprix

Through recognising the multi-dimensional role of the physical store, Monoprix has set up a customer team dedicated to understand shopper pains: channels preferences, and their in-store touchpoints. This has allowed their stores to celebrate the nuance, colour and habits of their local customers.

« Sharing customer feedback promotes positive management: By showcasing the aspects that work really well and identifying areas for improvement, it makes the teams want to do better every day »

In 2021, 3,246 convenience stores using Critizr achieved:

Average 2021 performance for all convenience stores using Critizr

+4.3 points

Increase in NPS through in improving customer service.


Retention rate of dissatified customers


Response rate to messages

-2 days

Local response time to customer messages

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