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3,497 fashion stores across Europe trust Critizr to connect & engage with their local customers:

Average performance of fashion brands using Critizr in 2021


av. adoption rate of Critizr by frontline staff within 30 days of implementation

29.2 hours

av. response time to a customer who shared their feedback directly with a store


av. percentage of customer queries responded to by clients


av. volume of customer queries resolved by our fashion clients (per store / per month)


av. percentage of compliments received per store per month

Understanding sneakerheads brings to life the voice of the customer for Courir 

In 2016, Courir decided to put customer experience at the heart of its business. With no existing platform to ‘take a temperature read’ of their stores, Courir enlisted the help of Critizr to bring to life the voice of its customers. Through a real-time pulse of their customers, the Courir omnichannel team could effectively support their affiliates to drive considered local responses bringing considerable improvements to service across the board.

« The ideal experience should be simple, frictionless, caring, and without expectations. The customer should always be able to get the model they are looking in-store or online. »

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By connecting 600 stores in 6 countries, Pimkie mobilises store teams to deliver a seamless customer experiences 

As new customer journeys emerge across the women’s fashion sector, Pimkie realised the customer opinions matter more than ever when it comes to keeping their brand promises. With Critizr integrated into the fabric of every store, local teams now receive feedback and reviews all in one place and can respond to their customers in real-time. With Critizr’s help, Pimkie plans to train 100% of its teams in its Customer Obsessed approach enabling operational excellence at scale.

« For us, customer excellence is the result of both listening and acting. Everything that Critizr enables us to collect is intended to be analysed to deliver highly personalised courses of action to our customers. »

How Éram laces together the local customer and its stores to drive loyalty

Since 2016, Critizr has helped Éram centralise and share the ‘voice of their customer’ across every department within its business – with full integration into day-to-day store operation within its 208 locations. With approx. 1,500 interactions gathered per quarter. The Éram team prides themselves on processing 100% of surveys through Critizr within just over 8 hours, delivering them the capability to kickstart CX improvements to address the needs and ideas of customers in the right way, at the right time, on the right channel.

« Customer feedback does not need to rest solely with customer service or research. Customers often have their ideas, and they can feed or fortify our considerations surrounding possibilities for improvement. »

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The results speak for themselves for our fashion clients

Average performance of fashion brands using Critizr in 2021


av. percentage of dissatisfied
clients retained


av. satisfaction rating per store


av. retention of at-risk customers

67 (+7%)

av. NPS across our client base
(and av. % growth in first 12 months)


av. increase in NPS over 1 year achieved
for our fashion customers

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Courir uses critizr to ‘take a temperature read’ of their stores and customers

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Pimkie mobilises store teams to deliver a seamless customer experience using Critizr

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Éram centralises and shares the ‘voice of their customer’ across its entire business

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