Insights & Dashboards


Insights & Dashboards

Provide front-line staff with actionable information to improve the customer experience

Improve the customer experience by combining actions from your local store teams and the headquarter.

Improve the customer experience through actionable insights and data for all levels of your organization.

Improving the customer experience needs to be part of the daily routine of local store teams

93% of our users improved the understanding of their client’s needs and actions to be implemented
The customer relationship score by Critizr

Monitor and motivate stores across your network to improve their customer experience

Monitor the engagement of your stores with our our proprietary Customer Relationship Score.

Rank your store overall level of customer satisfaction, engagement and areas of improvement.

Manage ALL of your customer experience KPIs

Watch your actions translate to satisfaction.

As your KPI’s evolve on the dashboards, see your business grow.

View the results of your actions and evolution of feedback month-on-month. Resulting in a long -term, healthy customer relationship score.

Check your regional and local rankings to benchmark your business and view leaderboards for a bit of healthy competition. Introducing a healthy company-wide addiction to delivering exceptional experiences.

The features your teams can no longer live without…

Insights on the retail network

Advanced search

Explore your results, surveys and feedbacks to identify trends and test your assumptions.

Advanced filters

Refine your results in any way you like with integrated filters

Pivot Table

Cross different types of data to better understand your customers and make decisions.

Evolution of performance

Track the evolution of your customer experience KPIs.

Customer journey

Understand the experience of your customers and identify areas of improvement across the customer journey.

Peformance ranking 🏆

Create a competitive environment between your stores and reward your top performers.