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Experience the full value of customer feedback with Semantic Analysis.

With Critizr Connect, easily apply NLP to all customer verbatim to detect trends, prioritise tasks and drive immediate actions. Maximising NPS scores across the business.

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Feel the full value of your feedback. 

Analysing customer data can be tricky… but not with Critizr. Classify mountains of verbatim in seconds and watch it automatically display by topic. Key trends are quickly identified, so you can see the bigger picture and solve the customer feedback riddle.

Easily activated, just plug and play directly from Critizr Connect. No need for major resource and no technical skills required. It’s maximum data with minimal effort.

Uncover customer trends across your network. 

Uncover a goldmine of insights that are actionable across the entire business.

Everyday users on the ground quickly identify topics which are impacting shoppers’ satisfaction and can fix any immediate issues. Regional management and head office can clearly view all topics across their entire network. To better understand localised trends and satisfaction in different regions.

Make better business decisions

When data is beautifully presented, making the right choices for your business becomes simpler.

With easy-on-the-eye dashboards, you can align your action plan with the topics that impact NPS the most.

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