Helping businesses grow and prosper during COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the Retail world forever. We’ll help you navigate this “New Normal” to ensure your success

Our breakthrough day-to-day management tool helps you maintain superior customer service even during these challenging times. The Critizr Connection platform improves your customers’ experiences throughout the entire shopping experience with the most advanced features around. You’ll enjoy increased customer loyalty, higher revenue and enhanced brand recognition.

All the expert support your business needs to thrive during COVID-19

Build trust by communicating health and safety measures

Build trust and loyalty with your customers with the application of adequate health and safety measures that adapt to the constantly evolving situation. Your teams can continuously monitor how your customers perceive your store’s protocols, their comfort levels, and feelings of safety while shopping.

You’ll be able to listen to your customers, engage with them, and understand the local and overall impact of your business. When needed, your team can make adjustments with ease to improve operations, and maintain customer confidence and loyalty.

Drive customers to your store through reassurance

During the COVID-19 outbreak, customers are understandably nervous about shopping. They may want to visit your store, but they’re worried about crowds and unsure if you’re taking adequate safety and social distancing measures to protect their health.

Thanks to Critizr Connection, customers with concerns can immediately contact the experts – your local team – and receive reassurances via the digital channel of their choice. You’ll be able to explain your health and safety measures, build their trust and answer questions so they’ll always feel 100% safe in your store. The best part? Keeping the 2-way conversation going is as simple as a single messaging app.

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Streamline your operations with click and collect

During COVID-19, the Click and Collect experience for consumers has never before been more important. That’s why your business needs the most advanced customer management platform to ensure it runs seamlessly like a well-oiled machine.

Our customer interaction management platform offers your teams a single view of both sides of the experience (online purchase and collection). We empower your staff to adapt the experience with actionable data at their fingertips and the agility that they need for the highest conversions.

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Create engagement despite social distancing

Social distancing measures, queuing systems, and the desire to minimize exposure puts people off from approaching the staff in your stores. As a result, they’re unable to get assistance for items they’re shopping for, their questions about merchandise go unanswered and your store loses business.

The breakthrough Critizr Connection platform makes it easy for your local teams to continuously listen to and engage with the customer to take the actions that matter. Everyone is in the know – from your staff to executives.

Nurture emotional connections by preserving proximity

Going to a store is about fulfilling a need. But it’s also about the positive experiences that shoppers experience, such as forming meaningful relationships to other places, employees and shoppers. And these small, yet precious, moments make all the difference.

Critizr Connection offers your customers the ability to instantly message store teams via your website, mobile, Google and more. Opening up room for dialogue results in an emotional connection – one of the most powerful tools when it comes to skyrocketing your reputation and customer loyalty.

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