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Equip and empower your store teams through the power of digital customer conversations and increase store revenue for your business

The only platform for local retail stores to turn customer interactions into revenue

Conversational commerce shouldn’t just concern eCommerce. That’s why we’ve developed a ground-breaking solution which puts stores and the frontline workforce right at the heart of the customer conversation. Enabling them to connect in an unparalleled way and drive sales and revenue for businesses.

Conversational Commerce is not a technology revolution. It’s a frontline employee revolution.

Transforming 12 million monthly conversations into revenue 

We’ve previously turned surveys into conversations, NPS into actions, reviews into traffic and star ratings into customer satisfaction.
Now, get ready for the next step in brand to customer interactions. Conversational Commerce for retail stores is here. 

Working with over 60,000 retail professionals globally and with a staggering 76% daily use rate on our platform, means we know customers and understand the importance of digital adoption by the frontline workforce.

That’s why we are leading the conversational revolution for retail stores to continuing to empower store teams.

Monoprix innovates with Conversational Commerce

Working with Critizr, Grocery pioneers Monoprix are reinventing loyalty through evolved customer interactions.

By introducing a new direct dialogue initiative, that connects local stores to their VIP customers they can share exclusive, localised offers to drive sales. 

Reserve inventory for customers who are ready to purchase

Your customer lives in the ‘now ‘ and they often need products immediately. 

With Critizr, you can connect with customers in just a couple of clicks and understand the exact products they need to purchase. Enabling store teams to reserve the item and even take payment directly from the conversation. Driving customers into store by reminding them about their items and securing the sale before they go elsewhere.

Be ‘right in the pocket’ of your customers at all times

You customers want to talk, and you want to listen, interact and build a positive relationship with them. With the Critizr platform, local store teams stay literally ‘right in the pocket’ of their customers, meaning they can interact whenever suits the customer best.

These conversations create on ongoing, asynchronous direct dialogue, enabling store staff to form a singular bond with customers while staying focused on serving shoppers in-store.

The perfect forum to deliver expert advice to drives sales

Don’t let undecided customers fall through the gaps. Your customers want expert advice from local store staff before buying – so you need the perfect forum to deliver it.

With the right digital platform, store teams can assist customers when it matters the most and convert browsers into buyers.

Reward and build trust among your best customers

Your most loyal customers are your most valuable – so it’s only right to treat them well.

By equipping local stores with the tools they need to launch their own hyper-personalised conversational campaigns, they can promote exclusive offers and content to their top customers.

Delivered via email or text, straight from the store, your VIP customers will feel appreciated and your sales will soar.

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