Transform your feedback into a local conversation

Before diving into the analysis, dashboards, KPIs, action plans, strategic plans and reports … converse with your customers to understand and solve their issues in real-time.

Accelerate the transition to a customer-wide CX culture by connecting your local store teams directly with your customers.

Our tool is integral part of our users daily routine

76% of store managers converse daily with their customers.

All of your customer interactions centralized in a single interface

Our conversational tool simplifies processing of feedback.

Respond to all your customer feedback …
… regardless of the origin or tone (Post-purchase email, website, Google My business …).

After your store managers reply to their customers, the customers receive the reply via the channel they have chosen to express themselves in (e.g., SMS, Email etc.).

Engage your customers who reach out via Google’s Business Messages

Never lose a sale by engaging your customers showing intent as they find you in Google Search results.

Whether they want to check if your store is accessible, the availability of a particular product, or if you have advisors on-site; enable your local experts to answer questions, offer relevant information, and attract more customers to your business.All from the same intuitive interface as for all your other channels.

A simple and effective conversational tool

The user experience of our conversational tool has been designed specifically to ensure the adoption and ease of usage of your local store teams.

Features to ensure adoption of your local store teams

Overview of satisfaction

Tailor your answers by understanding customer specific survey answers.

Context bar

Tailor your conversation with a deeper understanding of your customer.

Transfer to another employee

Inform your colleagues of a specific customer feedback to congratulate them or help them improve.

Sharing & Printing

Motivate your local store teams by sharing feedback and reports by email or print.

Keyword alerts

Flag any sensitive content raised in feedback.

Spam management

Automatic detection and removal of insults or commercial prospecting.

Emojis 👏

Integrate Emojis into conversations.


Receive and send any attachements to your customers such as a voucher or picture.


The platform is available in more than 20 languages.

Dissatisfaction alert

Ensure priority treatment for your most at risk customers.

Customer feedback directly in the pocket of your local teams!

Responding to customer feedback has become simpler than ever with our mobile applications (iOS and Android).
Notify your teams in real-time when they have a feedback to process.

Call your customers directly through the application.