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One place for frontline teams to listen and speak to customers across all channels. For happier shoppers and a better bottom line.

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More than 150 brands all over the world use Critizr

Frontline teams and customers, connected

Critizr brings all your customer interactions together on a single platform, for two-way conversations that work for everyone. Higher sales, loyal customers, and staff with purpose.

We’ve got commerce covered

Stores, restaurants, banks, hotels and more – Critizr is for all the places local teams and real customers meet.

Listen to your customers

What Critizr does for business

+10 points / year

NPS Boost


of ‘at risk’ customers brought back from the brink

+1.7% / year

Higher customer satisfaction

Improved reviews

Better reputation online

Take actions

See the difference from Day One

With Critizr, results are fast. Revenue and customer satisfaction numbers rise straight away.
Establishments are transformed, with digital making the physical work better. Staff are more motivated. Customers are happier. NPS is higher.

To customers, your local teams are your business

And with Critizr, they’ve got the tools and the drive to be its biggest champions.

A game-changer for frontline teams

In 2022, 36K

stores on Critizr


pieces of customer feedback gathered


one-to-one customer conversations

For staff who obsess over customers

‘I’m addicted to Critizr. In the morning, noon and evening, I connect and answer direct to consumers. I know what’s really going on, 24 hours a day. It gives meaning to my work.’

Local teams solve 80% of customer issues

With Critizr, staff know how customers are feeling, and can react in real time on the shop floor. So problems get solved there and then.

of local store managers talk to customers on Critizr every day

Insights on the retail network
Accelerate digital transformation

Dashboards that really do something

Clear reads on what’s happening on the ground, in the moment, and over time.
Frontline staff can see when they need to act, and solve issues there and then, so local branches get slicker every day.
And the whole business has the store-level and high-level insights it needs to transform for the better.

Set your local businesses up for success

Critizr was designed for bricks-and-mortar businesses and their staff. It lets on-the-ground teams talk to customers, just like they would if they were on the shop floor. Giving everyone from stores, to restaurants, to banks and gyms what it takes to survive and thrive.

of users took action based on something they heard from customers on Critizr

Local customers. Local marketing. Local offers.

Frontline staff know their customers. And with Critizr, local teams can send out marketing and messaging designed just for them.

Get the inside scoop

Articles, eBooks, and guides to help you understand your customers and win at retail.

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