French retail leader Monoprix reinvents ‘loyalty for locals’ through Critizr customer interaction platform

Leading French retail brand Monoprix has today (1st December) unveiled a premium new customer relationship programme that is set to revolutionise the way local stores interact, talk and sell to their VIP customers. 

As part of an overhaul of the Monoprix M’ account programme, the business has launched the innovative “Esprit Marché” service, a premium initiative that is accessible only to top customers, run directly by store managers through the Critizr Connection platform. 

The new scheme allows customers to message and talk directly on a personal, one-to-one basis, with their local branch, giving store managers the capability to share offers, exclusives and one-off promotions from the store with select groups of customers.

This step is a first for both Monoprix and Critizr, fulfilling the needs of customers and brands to build closer, ‘two-way’ relationships as retail moves into the era of conversational commerce. 

A customer relationship programme that builds loyalty with a local edge

As a modern and forward-thinking brand, Monoprix has always placed customers at the heart of its business, with a local and multi-channel approach to customer marketing. This new ultra-personalised programme paves the way for a new type of conversational commerce, empowering store managers to make personal connections at the local level with their best customers. Time-limited, localised offers and experiences – from the chance to book a personal shopper in the fashion department to reserving a special food item in grocery – are sent via email and SMS through the Critizr platform, which is embedded and used daily in Monoprix stores. 

Generating business revenue through the customer relationship

These VIP messages coming directly from the shop floor give customers a special, localised experience of the Monoprix brand. But they also enable stores to generate additional sales and reduce waste. Entirely managed at the local level, staff can select and customise offers to suit their stock, whenever they want throughout the week. They can also segment customers into specific categories, such as fashion or beauty, to ensure they communicate personalised offers that will engage their target audience and spark their interest. 

The new age of Conversational Commerce

The conversational commerce approach adopted by Monoprix is a first in the French food sector and a milestone for the business, allowing them to build a close relationship with VIP customers. The ability to spark these highly personal conversations between store managers and customers was one of the driving forces behind the project. 

For Critizr, the addition of this new functionality within the Critizr Connection customer interaction management platform is a proven way to improve customer satisfaction. It is set to transform the way stores engage with their customers at the local level in the future.

Nicolas Hammer, CEO and Co-Founder of Critizr added: ‘Conversational commerce is nothing new and has been present in the world of e-commerce for a long time. However, that’s not the case when it comes to physical stores, and connecting store teams to their customers out with the physical store environment has always been a challenge. This innovation is a dynamic and very exciting way to start moving stores towards a solution. It is transforming the roles of thousands of employees on the shop floor and revolutionising the way they communicate with and sell to customers.  And it’s worth it because the ability to create an ultra-personalised, conversational shopping experience is what will really transform the fortunes of our leading retail brands in the future.