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Empower People Who Deliver Retail Experiences Every Day

Critizr is the leading Customer Feedback Management Platform for retailers
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Over 30,000 business owners use Critizr
  • Carrefour
  • Samsung
  • Flunch
  • Thomas Cook
  • Carlston Wargonlit Travel

Know what your customers are thinking - Really.

The Critizr platform has the most complete choice of channels to collect voice-of-customer. 

The platform works as a multi-channel, single interface hub that captures insights at every stage of the customer journey - in-store, online, on mobile and through third-party partners (Google My Business for instance).

Survey, reinvented

Discover our unique consumer-experience for better conversion rates.

Average of 80% conversion rate
01 - [EN] Know what your customer are thinking

Make your local workforce CX Champions

True customer centricity can’t happen from the top down; it has to be anchored in the daily life of local managers and staff. The result is empowered staff, a brilliant, personalised customer experience, swift resolution of problems - and a solution that finally bridges the gap between company headquarters and employees.

We are anchored in the daily lives of local managers

Our product is designed for people who deliver CX and can change things quickly.

Local teams respond to more than 95% of the feedback on average
02 - Make your local workforce CX Champions

Take actions that make the difference - at every level

Customer experience progress is a company wide objective. So while Critizr generates feedback and insight for senior management to plan for the long term, staff in the field can quickly and efficiently take action - doing what it takes to solve problems, win back dissatisfied shoppers and drive loyalty and revenue.

Make tactical moves

Identify the local pain points to accelerate daily actions and resolution

On average, our clients win 10pts of NPS
03 - Take actions that make the difference

Ensure your success with our expertise

Our team of CX Experts, alongside our proven methodology for a light and simple deployment, enables you to quickly see the benefits: an optimised customer experience, stronger customer relationships, higher rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty, an improved e-reputation and NPS score – and ultimately, increased revenues and profit.

Cultural change

An e-learning platform and our Local Success Managers ensure high adoption

High adoption rates
04 - Ensure your sucess

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