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Deliver memorable experiences.

The solution to engage, understand, and build loyalty with your local customers.

Critizr Customer Interaction Management Platform
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Over 60,000 business owners use Critizr

Digital conversations with your local customers.

Our Customer Interaction Management platform enables your local staff to converse with their customers on all the channels that matter. Through the power of conversations, your staff humanise the brand, create proximity and drive loyalty.

Customer obsession

Customer experience is a team sport. With Critizr Connection, your local staff connect with their customers every day.

of store managers interact with their customers daily

Listen to your customers
Take actions

Take actions that make the difference. Fast.

Your customers are connected, they move fast. With Critizr Connection, so do you. Our platform enables you to identify actions to take, and to execute rapidly. To continuously improve your CX. To delight customers. To never lose them. Because every single customer matters.

Information that is actionable, not just pretty to look at

Your staff has real-time, actionable insights at their fingertips. They are empowered to take the actions that matter.

of our users implemented actions based on the voice of their customers

Real-time insights across your network.

Critizr Connection brings you a comprehensive set of channels to collect the voice of the customers, combined with an easy-to-use design that structures the information. You are best placed to understand what your customers really think without needing a data science PhD.

360° view of the customer experience.

Get actionable insights on your CX at all levels: global, regional, county, store… Because customer insights gain by being democratised.

Satisfaction metrics: NPS, CSAT, Google score … We’ve got it covered

Insights on the retail network
Accelerate digital transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation.

A connected store with a good digital reputation? It’s possible! Critizr Connection gets your brand even closer to your customers by connecting your stores to the digital channels. You continuously improve your online reputation by being present where your customers are.

They live in a connected world, so should your stores.

Your customers look at Google, at Facebook, they message their friends… They also try to message you. You should be there too. It will make them happier.

Average increase in NPS in a year among our clients

Critizr supports front-line staff on a daily basis. In 2021:


stores use Critizr


customer feedback collected


tailored conversations with customers

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Over 70,000 business owners use Critizr